The Program
The history of coaches head-butting helmeted players 🏈
SHANE BEAMER IS not a meathead. He wants to make this point clear because, frankly, the visual evidence from Oklahoma's 2019 opener against Houston would suggest otherwise.
What Beamer looked like that day, with blood clotting around a strand of tape that temporarily closed a half-inch gash just above his left eye, was more boxer than football coach. The look, he said, evoked Lattimer, the face-painted, window-smashing linebacker from the 1993 football movie "The Program." Standing on the sideline in the third quarter, QB Jalen Hurts glared at Beamer for a moment before asking, "What the hell happened to you?"
What happened was this: Fullback Jeremiah Hall scored Oklahoma's first touchdown of the season, and the first of his career. Beamer loves Hall, and he wanted to celebrate. Both were a tad too excited, and the celebration went haywire. Beamer's bare forehead collided with Hall's helmet in a show of affection that ended with blood pouring down Beamer's face.