The Big 12 offseason preview

Big 12 college football offseason preview: Oklahoma, Iowa State, Texas and more top contenders 🏈

We inevitably overreact to what we see in bowl season. It is the last real thing we see from teams for about eight months, and it's really easy to get sucked into believing that whatever we saw then is what we'll see for months on end when the next season begins. They are traps, and they can sometimes lead us to some poor preseason assessments. They can also sometimes verify what we were already beginning to think. The Big 12 went 5-0 in last year's odd, cancellation-heavy bowl season. Oklahoma pummeled an admittedly limited Florida. Iowa State and Texas beat two of the Pac-12's more successful teams, Oregon and Colorado, by a combined score of 89-40. Oklahoma State's offensive skeleton crew outlasted Miami 37-34. WVU's defense-dominant squad solved Army.