That's a go-to of mine
College Football Playoff expansion: 12-team historic simulations, storylines and more 🏈
To see how a new development might affect the future, take a look at how it would have affected the past. That's a go-to of mine -- see: how larger playoffs would have worked in 2020 or how a much bigger, earlier playoff would have affected things -- and with the news that we could be moving toward a 12-team playoff soon, we have a reason to dip into that well once more.
For all the simulations I've done, I had never really paid much attention to a 12-team format. An eight-teamer -- six conference champions with two at-large bids -- has long seemed perfectly inclusive and interesting to me. It was the logical next step. But as it turns out, a 12-teamer works quite well in terms of political calibration.