Sweet spot
MLB Prospect Watch: Dylan Carlson, Ian Anderson, Trevor Rogers setting pace in NL Rookie of the Year race ⚾
For whatever reason, it's easy to overlook Dylan Carlson. Maybe it's because he doesn't stand out in many statistical categories? Carlson leads NL rookies in OPS+ (125), yet his .277 average ranks third; his .360 on-base percentage ranks third; and his .432 slugging percentage ranks third. (In case anyone doubted that the universe had a sense of humor, he wears the No. 3.) In other words, Carlson is the best rookie hitter in the NL by virtue of being solid across the board rather than outstanding in any specific way. All he excels at is commanding the strike zone and hitting a high percentage of balls within the 10-to-30-degree "sweet spot." You can't put that on a label and expect to move product, but it does make for a solid hitter.