Super Seniors
The college football teams that will get a big boost from 'super seniors' 🏈
Players who normally would be out of college football could make the difference in the championship chase this fall.
Matt Campbell and his assistants weren't going to pitch their players on staying at Iowa State. When the NCAA in August approved a blanket waiver, allowing all 2020 fall sports seniors to return in 2021, Iowa State's coaches took a hands-off approach.
"There was not one ounce of us trying to say, 'We recruit guys back here, or we hope guys are back,'" Campbell said. "It was like, 'How can I give you guys the facts?' I really just wanted our team to make the best decision for them. You can come back and there's still nothing guaranteed. You can go out to practice tomorrow and your career can be over.
"We'll always be better at Iowa State the older we are as a football team."