How old-school linebackers are adjusting to the new college football 🏈

"It's changed, even in the last five years, with the speed of the game," said Colorado's Nate Landman, one of the Pac-12's most productive linebackers -- averaging nearly 11 tackles per game -- despite his more traditional skill set. "I'm not a 4.4 kid, and players in my position who rack up tackles have to adjust. My strength is definitely being in the box and plugging those A- and B-gaps, but as the game changes, you have to change, too."

Landman said the "old-school" moniker is still a compliment, even if it occasionally is employed as shorthand for bigger, slower and meaner. Although it's not fashionable to be the in-the-box bruiser, he still embraces the legacy of the hard hitters who came before him and wants to live up to their standards as much as meet the modern NFL prototype.